Here is one of my friend's three boys
OCT 2011

YAY!  My desire to create art has finally come back!  I did these a couple days ago.  Not my best work, but better yet to come...these were to ease me into a project I'm doing for a friend.  
'My Girls'

This was done off of a photo from our honeymoon 
'My Love' -2007 (acrylic)

These were all done in my college design class.  I took many college courses in art.  But my design class was my favorite by far.  

There was an old photo in a magazine as part of an article on child slavery.  This little boy's eyes were hollow and haunting.  He worked in the firing part of a there was literally fire all around him.  I wanted to create the feeling.  Also acrylic.
                                                     This is a drawing I never finished at UVU

A picture from high school.  All of these done out of my head.  I was into children and babies mostly.  Funny how the husband and wife look like me...

One of the only home projects I've done since getting married.  Watercolor.

Another home project...for fun

In my design class, we were asked to think of a theme and then create one hundred squares using that theme.  Here are a few of the hundred.
Colorado Community College 2002

When I got into stippling in high school this was my favorite piece
I think of Aslan, and Christ running to our aid.  It represents strength, power and healing

I drew this girl out of a magazine.  Funny thing is, a year or so later,
my parents adopted a little girl who was three.  This looks just like her.

I've loved cartooning as much as still life for faces. 
These are a few different styles I've made up.  2005

This is my basic style...I suppose you'd call this Rachael cartoons.  
I'd like to illustrate children's books someday.

And some examples of my favorite thing to do as far as art.  Drawing babies.
These were also done in high school. 

Super old 

This is one of the only boys who ever dared talk to me in high school.  They had no idea I was more afraid of them than they were of me.  He was my hero.  The most Christ-like person. It got wrinkled with all the moves, but this was taken from a two by three senior picture out of a year book.

I've always loved fairies and plan to do some big masterpiece with them.  But here are two unfinished pictures I did for fun.  The colored one is watercolor.


Canada Toronto East Mission said...

These are very nice Rachael. You have so many talents and seem to be discovering new ones all the time. Keep it up.

Mom W. said...

Please continue to use your talents. You have the ability to bless many people as you share them.

Gma Whicker said...

Love your art, Rache! Babies and the rose....those are my favorites, but they are all SO good!

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