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Life is Busy

My days are filled with taking care of children, trying to get enough rest, keeping up on my homework and trying to motivate myself to get things done around the house and yard.

It seems boring.  And it can be.
It can also be extremely overwhelming.
But I am blessed with my life.

I think I need to be able to get out and socialize sometimes.  I have not been able to get much of any since moving to Utah unless I travel an hour to see family or friends. But I'm tired of traveling.  I look forward to moving to our settling place so that I can start early and try to make some good friend connections...I won't have to leave within a couple years, my kids will be able to be pretty open knowing that it will be the only school(s) they will have to attend.
My husband will be able to chose a job he likes and has knowledge in instead of having to be retrained multiple times, and just getting a handle on it before we are transferred to another assignment.  Maybe he will have energy to give to o…