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Marriage, not for the faint of heart
In time, you will see
That it is a commitment of the soul
meant to last eternity...
At times it may seem that all the love in the world
Could not make up for the difficulty at hand..
But through the change of life one learns
There are several footprints in the sand
Even through the worst of it,
If you quiet your mind, you'll find
That wisdom comes and sight, restored
In the areas you had once been blind
So stick it out, throw out your doubt
Think on the love you still share, and you will grow ever aware...

When all's said and done, from heaven, we will know that earth's experience was skewed.

Utah Life

My husband is coming up on his eighteen year mark active duty.
It's been a long, hard journey. but also full of joy and laughter.
Everyone in our family is ready to settle, and hopefully, next summer, it will become a reality.
We have a new addition to our family.  My little brother is now the eldest out of our children we are raising.  He has been a great addition and we LOVE seeing him grow in ways he couldn't before because of the environment he was in.
Please pray for healing for my parents.  I hope and pray that the right person/people will be set in their path so that they can have the opportunity to live a life full of joy and peace for the remainder of their days here.  Because of weakness and sin, they continue to dig pits for themselves and have no ability to take full responsibility, a willingness to do what they need to to change. I believe that because of their high anxiety and stress levels, they have justified themselves in abusing and using their children (and …