Friday, June 10

Falling Into Place

My marriage has literally come crumbling to the ground in the past two years.  It almost ended a year ago, and again six months ago.

Things needed to change permanently.  I had grown all I could possibly grow in the paradigm we had created, and now I was ready to continue growing in a more healthy direction; and most importantly, WITH my husband, if he was ready and willing to do whatever it took to make it work.  I was done feeling alone in my marriage.

So, everything fell apart.  And yet, looking back, I see that everything was falling into place exactly as it was meant to happen.
The amount of healing and rebuilding that is going on in both of us is nothing short of miraculous.

I have loved my man more than I could imagine ever loving anyone.
I am thankful he chose us.  I will continue to choose him carefully, each day, each hour, and recommit myself to being the best me for us.  I will not take for granted all that we've been through, all that I had to go through in order to learn necessary lessons, in order to become who I am now.  We have a genuinely beautiful marriage today.

It all started with the knowledge that I have the power to make changes within the circumstance that I have been given.
 Praise the Lord, God Almighty for continuing to show me the way each day. It is through His tender care and guidance that we have come this far and will continue to grow hand in hand.
I picked a good one; and his best is coming out more and more.  God is good.  Marriage is great.  And choice/accountability is powerful.
Let us be wise in opening our eyes to our own situations right now...courageous in facing reality head on...and humble in allowing our Father in Heaven and Savior to work their magic through us to repair and rebuild.  What once was lost, now is found.
I am thankful for my life and my marriage right now!

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