Friday, November 6


We have recently relocated to Utah where I grew up.  It has been fascinating to me, having lived in five separate states since marrying my husband, the diversity in people, bugs, animals and weather.  There is truly a distinct culture in each state, and even from city to city.

It usually takes around six months for me to feel that life is going to be alright after a move.  Between the kids melting down, fighting and missing our old home and friends, adjusting to a new climate, elevation and me trying to establish some sort of support system in a new place, those first months are rough on the entire family.

We are five months in, and each of my children have found a friend or two, and have begun to feel comfortable with the neighborhood.  We are surrounded by some great families, and a beautiful place to grow healthy, happy children.  I am thankful for the many answers to prayers I have seen as we have tried to begin settling again.

The most exciting news for me is that I've started back at school for the first in eleven years or so.  Although I have eighty credit hours completed, when I had begun college I switched majors a couple of times, and so, never earned a degree before the adventure of moving all over the US while having baby after baby and attempting to navigate parenthood began.

What an adventure it's been!  I have decided that business administration is the direction I'd like to go as it encompasses a few of my lifelong passions, and will help me to be more well-rounded.  The areas that I've always been a bit clueless in will become known, and practiced and applied through attending business school, and I will be one step closer to my career goals.

Our children are growing, my dreams are beginning to become a reality, and our family has been blessed in more ways than we could ever deserve.  I am thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves throughout my life at just the right times.  Me going to school has strengthened my marriage, and our family life.  It is exactly what I needed. My testimony is that when we love the Lord with all our hearts, minds, might and strength, then He provides what we need when we need it and more.  He is there for us as His children.  He loves us and wants to see us succeed at whatever we choose to pursue.  When we ask for help, we'd better be ready and willing to accept the answer, then to act upon it. That is the only way He can work in and through us.  As we do this, our wisdom and capacity to do good increases, and we become more and more valuable in His kingdom and purpose.  I love the Lord and  His work.


Janus said...

Howdy....Finally catching up on your blog. I'm glad that you are feeling settled. Awesome that you are going back to school. Yeah for Rachel!!

Suvankar Talukder said...

nice way to expressed

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