Wednesday, November 5

Been a While

It has been a great while since I last wrote.  I have had a bigger taste of growth than perhaps I felt prepared for recently…but grateful to be progressing once again. Many happenings as of late.

Emmalee, my baby just turned five months old.  She is not only scooting, but often attempts to crawl~flopping to the ground as she moves forward.  She is a tall, beautiful baby, who thinks a lot and is determined, just as her two year old brother to master everything as quickly as possible.  These little ones seem to come a little more intelligent and strong willed all the time.  My Joshua is an athlete, intelligent beyond his years (all TWO of them--you'd think he was six the way he acts and talks), and persistent in all he does.  My beautiful babies are such a blessing to me and countless others.
Hyrum is learning the reality of increased responsibility as he grows older.  He continues to be an awesome help with the younger children, and around the house, does whatever I ask of him with little complaint.  Virginia is struggling through this eight year old phase, and we have recently realized the cause of much of her hardship.  She has been experiencing partial complex seizures…and now that she has words, and a voice to express what happens, she is experiencing them less frequently and feels much more support than she had previously.  She continues to be well advanced academically and in most areas, and is beginning to outgrow her older brother.
Angela grows more beautiful and adorable with each year.  If she eats chocolate, anxiety gets the best of her, and she begins to think that she doesn't belong in our family.  But most of the time, she seems to LOVE being in our family, and we absolutely couldn't imagine it without her.
Sarah is our happy girl, who seems to always be performing a musical.  She keeps peace being between more high maintenance personalities, but when they've pushed her too far, her temper comes quickly.  She enjoys her music theory class, and Josh and I enjoy learning with her as we practice her homework with her.  Our home is chaotic and out of order, but full of laughter and joy.

I feel that the second coming is near.  We all have a great part in this work.  I have felt the need to do family history, and to dedicate more of my time to helping our ancestors in whatever way I can.  We truly cannot do it without them, as they cannot do it without us.

Other than raising children, and beginning to work on indexing, my husband and I have been blessed in our marriage.  We are realizing more and more that we have been blessed far beyond what we deserve with the children in our home~and want to be doing right by them.  Our responsibility is to prepare them for this world in every way.  That is a big responsibility.  I treasure each moment I get to spend speaking to them of things which are of utmost importance eternally. I marvel at their insight and understanding at such tender ages.  And I pray that I will continue to be guided and strengthened in my endeavors concerning them.  I am so thankful to be their mother.  I am so thankful to have a husband who loves me, supports me in my calling, and is an incredible father. I am thankful for the blessings of the Temple.  How I hope and pray for the spirit of discernment in teaching and training them.  How I know that I have a lot of help here and on the other side in raising them up to be mighty sons and daughters of God, in example and testimony.  How I love my Savior for making this privilege possible.

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