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All these years of my life, spent neglecting my needs for others' wants.  Doing all I can to meet their needs and more.  A few years back, I began to see myself as just as important for the first time, as anyone else.  And now that I realize that, especially in my marriage, my actions and behaviors have not been in accordance with this new understanding, I am capable of changing.
MY needs are MORE important than his wants, or anyone else's.  I didn't realize how bad things have become until the other day, when I again denied my needs, for the sake of his selfish wants.  I have been contributing to this lifestyle which has left me exhausted, miserable, and lacking a desire to really live.  I had given up on my marriage in my heart, because it was truly not a happy thing for me most of the time.  I embraced instead, motherhood-because naturally, there is a balance there of nurture and discipline, so that everyone is contributing, and we are a unit.

Now I understand.  And…