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I think I broke her heart.  She asked the question, I answered, not very eloquently, and I think I broke her heart.
Now that I've had more time to ponder upon the question she asked, I know I should have phrased things a little differently, in order to spare her heart a little.

I know now that what I was feeling the past few weeks, was a sense of idolatry on my part.  I've been blessed to have someone clean for me, occasionally cook, and watch my kids any time I've needed her. I have enjoyed this time immensely.  But my personality is such, that I don't like staying in a stagnant place for very long.  Really, I am needing and ready to grow again. She was my lifesaver, she was pure joy and light to my heart during a really difficult time.  But I know now that it is right for us both to move on with our progression.  I didn't want her to take it personally, and yet I knew how deeply it would hurt to feel like I was pushing her out.  And so, I was going to just leave …