Sunday, October 13


I am loving fall so far.  We went to a pumpking foods play group a couple days ago~then spent the evening at the balloon fiesta.  Yesterday, I was able to make a large load of freezer meals with my best friend whiler her husband watched my kids.  At least twenty six meals worth.  I am exhausted and a couple of my kids are still fighting bad coughs, so I decided to stay home and rest today.  We've watched a session of general conference, made plans for homemade costumes, and are now sitting and watching a family movie.  And not to forget the highlight of our weekend, we got to skype with Daddy.  It's such a great convenience being able to see his face and hear his voice...and also good to see that he has put on some weight.  You will all know why that is good if you see some of our most recent family pictures.   I wish I had taken some pictures of these fun things~but I find that living in the moment is definitely best.  It's been a blessed week!~I love my family and my life.  At least someone got pictures of our best event this weekend!  He's enjoying it so far.  And interestingly, one of my good friends from Ohio's husband is who my husband is taking over for.  Small military world for sure.

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