Sunday, September 22

Together Apart

Well, we're on the homestretch to this new adventure.   Soon enough, my husband will be gone for several months to aid in defending our country.  My babies are growing up, and I couldn't be more happy with where I'm at in life.  I am prepared in every way to experience this, and both he and I actually look forward to it.  Our hearts are one~and our goals are the same.  I just hope our baby doesn't forget his name!  He has grown in love with his daddy in the past little while.  They all love him dearly.  I am a little nervous about how they'll take it.  I hope and pray for the Lord's direction in knowing how to meet their needs well while he is out of the picture.  They are truly the most wonderful children, which helps me out a lot in this situation.  I am truly blessed!
( These were all taken by me, and edited by me.  I am excited for this new found skill!)

My oldest two

The boys

Climbing trees

In the tunnel

Playing with worms

My baby!

Second grader


All of these came from me? They are amazing! 
Blonde babies
Sibling Love

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