Thursday, March 7

Aunt Sharon just went home.  We had such a great time with her!  She made me get out of the house nearly every day she was here.  The zoo, volleyball and going out in the country for a photoshoot, were all highlights.  Here are some pictures of the zoo!

The peacocks followed Ang...she wasn't sure how she felt about that.

Josh and Aunt Sharon!

This frog was looking at  us for a while too.  I was feeling a real connection to all of these animals and it was just so much fun!

The lighted ceiling before entering the reptile place.  The artwork is beautiful there!

Little orange froggies

My little girls are growing up!  They look and act like they are the same age-best of friends.

I LOVED this guy!

Sharon and me

Posing for me!

He started out far away, swam right up to me and just sat there staring at me for a long time.

An orangutane~climbing down from the post after standing up straight, showing off.

The gorillas are always a treat

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