Sunday, December 2

What Mom's Do

I think that all of us stay-at-home Mom's especially ought to record a typical day of what we do-just to give those who have never experienced it an idea so that there isn't so much curiosity as to invoke the question "What do you do all day?"

So, here is my Sunday...and it would have to start at midnight, right?
Well, between midnight and six am, I was up four times nursing my three-month-old son, and changing his diaper, covering my other four kids with blankets, and asking my husband if he was going to get any sleep.  That was after a Saturday of doing everything for my children while he watched shows on his computer.  About six-thirty am is when the kids began waking up.  I immediately started getting everyone ready for morning church.  Told my eight-year old to get in the shower-a few times, until I yelled it. Then he listened.  Filled up the tub for my two little girls (two and four)-while of course, holding and taking care of my baby who often has tummy aches to work through.
Told six-year-old to get in shower as well.  She complained and asked if she could take a bath.  Sure-but only if she promised to wet and start washing her hair right away.  She did.
Shower was getting cold already-eight-year-old got out into the tub and I got a cool shower-washed my hair and body quickly as I could because it was cold all the while talking the two through washing their hair.
Got out, got dried and dressed.  Helped six-year-old with conditioner because it is thick and long.  Time to get out and get dressed.  Eight and six-year old get dressed without too much complaining.  Time to bath little girls.  I get them in, wash their hair and tell them they can play for ten minutes.  Baby is fussing, so I go and nurse him and change his diaper again.

I get the first little girl out and get her dressed then give her a comb to comb her hair.  Second girl out-get her dressed-and tell the eight-year-old to get a tie or vest on.  He comes back for a second time saying he can't find it.  By this time I am down washing out clean bowls because I never did wash the dishes yesterday...(too busy getting everyone to help put away three loads of laundry after folding them, and directing kids to clean up living room floor all while comforting a sick baby)~so holding baby, I wash bowls and spoons out by hand in a really messy kitchen. I pour four bowls of cereal-and milk, two year old cries that she wants regular milk, I tell her regular milk will make her ear more owie (she was complaining in bath about her ear hurting).  So she is okay with almond kind.

I sit them all down to eat while I brush their hair and hold the baby.  After they are done eating, I ask the oldest to put in a sunday movie so I can do the girl's hair after they all get their shoes on.

I do a quick hair do on the six-year-old (most hair by far)-then four-year-old, in between blow drying my own hair.  Ask her to please go get baby some clothes in changing table drawer.   Baby needs another diaper change. Time to go.

I still need my shoes on-and some paper.  I give almost three-year old the keys, ask four-year old to open front door, six-year old to help buckle little sisters, eight-year old to please take out some of lesson things.
I eat the few bites of cereal the kids left...that'll have to do.  I grab the extra paper, get boots on, go upstairs to get last thing.  Come outside, and eight-year-old is in front pretending to drive (not with keys though), six-year old in passenger, little girls climbing on seats.
I get the two little girls buckled, and baby in his car-seat.  Run in for one last thing.  Come out and we're off to church.  On the way, I try to comfort crying baby-and put on makeup.

During Sacrament meeting, trying to get kids to be reverent-one or two wants to get up and bear testimony, one is thirsty.  We go out in the hall while I'm nursing baby, I ask oldest to  lift two year old for a drink at drinking fountain.  Six year old tries, but two year old starts crying something is hurt.  She can't, so I do while holding baby. Four and eight-year old are wrestling on the floor.  I tell them to be reverent if they want to go up to bear testimonies...while nursing again.  I hand off baby to friend.  I carry two year old while other three follow me to the stand.  We wait our turn.  Six-year old wants help.  So I whisper to her ideas to say-while at pulpit and holding two-year old.  Then I motion for eight year old to come-he responds "I want to go last."  Lost his turn, there are five other people coming for a turn.  I begin walking off stage and out to get my fussy baby from friend.
We sit back in chapel in regular chairs.  Kids aren't listening and acting up.  I take them out and sit two on the naughty spot..  Trying to hold two-year-old she's not feeling good, and really tired while holding baby too.  When kids are done on time-out I tell them that if they are reverent, they may color.  We walk back into chapel area where our seats are, and I while holding baby, bend down to get some papers out.  I hand them out, then go sit so I can look for markers in bag.  There aren't any. So I ask oldest to go down hall and get lesson bag which has crayons in it.  He does, and soon it's time to clean up and go to classes.

After getting  kids to classes and trying to get one girl in class to stop touching baby, help another person find a couple Mom's whose toddlers needed to go potty, took one girl out to use the bathroom, got a drink all while holding baby.

Lesson was hard alone-wiggly kids, who were helpful overall but one having a hard time listening.

After lesson, went to gather my children after cleaning up lesson supplies a little.  Couldn't find a daughter.  My kids drew all over the board while I was gone.  Had them erase it, had eight-year-old go return chalk set to library.  Made sure all kids took their papers and scriptures home.  Had my oldest two stack chairs, little girls pick up left over crayons and papers for me.  I carried large picture in frame (18x20") lesson bag and diaper bag, and baby out to van while herding other four out to parking lot, yelling at eight year old for running in parking lot-then opening trunk to put all stuff in after eight and six-year olds climbed over seats to get buckled.  After unloading, buckled in baby, two and four year olds.

Came home to messy kitchen to make lunch in -made lunch, did dishes, took out trash, helped six, four and two year old make cookies on floor as I cleaned up some more.   Sent them up for quiet time,  Nursed and changed baby, looked at facebook and typed some comments, read one blog post, yelled at kids to stay in rooms for quiet time, typing this blog post.  And here it is almost three o clock in the afternoon. Two year old just climbed in bed with me, baby is sleeping.  Life is good.

After quiet time, I will help kids finish up living room. Have them clean off table and mop floor, then together we will set up our Christmas tree.  All while husband is watching shows on his computer because his job is so stressful during the week (I mean, weight-loosing, insomnia, depression stressful) that I try really hard to give him the weekends to just relax.

I have to say, he usually comes to church with us, and helps with the lesson. But almost always, I am the one to get everyone ready, get lunch and do all housework and disciplining.

I enjoy motherhood overall.  But I swear, if anyone else even points to the notion that stay-at-home mom's are lazy, or wonder what we do all day, I'm going to scream " I am raising a family while keeping a marriage together, developing useful skills any chance I get, and meeting needs of five small children day and night.  What do YOU do all day?!"

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