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What Mom's Do

I think that all of us stay-at-home Mom's especially ought to record a typical day of what we do-just to give those who have never experienced it an idea so that there isn't so much curiosity as to invoke the question "What do you do all day?"

So, here is my Sunday...and it would have to start at midnight, right?
Well, between midnight and six am, I was up four times nursing my three-month-old son, and changing his diaper, covering my other four kids with blankets, and asking my husband if he was going to get any sleep.  That was after a Saturday of doing everything for my children while he watched shows on his computer.  About six-thirty am is when the kids began waking up.  I immediately started getting everyone ready for morning church.  Told my eight-year old to get in the shower-a few times, until I yelled it. Then he listened.  Filled up the tub for my two little girls (two and four)-while of course, holding and taking care of my baby who often has tummy aches …