Wednesday, November 28

It has been WAY too long since I updated this.
Life is good.  We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving in UT with family.  It was great going to two dinners and seeing most of my side and most of my husband's side of the family.  I love them both equally.  We both come from large families, so it is rare to get so many siblings together at the same time.

I've picked up crocheting.  I love it!  Ear warmers seem to be just the right level for me at the moment.  I've made a little crochet'd bow and plan on making little flowers for the girls' ear warmers.  It is relaxing, and gives me enough mental stimulation to satisfy my need. I'll post some pictures on that later.  Other than that, I made a diaper bag with matching burp cloths-and a beautiful boy's quilt in the past few weeks.

It would be nice to have a camera so I could take pictures of all these things.  My husband has a decent camera on his when I remember (between getting kids to bed, and him actually being home from work), I try to take pictures.  That is another hobby I'd love to pick up along the way.  Right now, I'm going to work at crocheting the will be wood working since my husband was generous enough to get me a multi-drummel tool )including saw and sanding attachments).  When I have a work space other than my back porch, I'm sure I'll begin some wood projects.

We are building a new house here in NM-for the remaining three years of our assignment, we will live there starting in April.  Then we will learn of our last assignment (horay for retirement!), I cannot believe I am even speaking of a place where we will finally settle and raise our brood.

Our baby is pure delight.  He is happy and very vocal, extremely strong and a wise old soul.  I grow more in love with him every day (didn't think it was possible).  I still feel that he's my protector.  He seems to be aware of what's going on, and ever considerate of my needs.  Can't grow up quick enough.  He is doing things as a three month old that most six-seven month olds do.  I love my little son.  What a great addition to our family.

We are so blessed.  I have two amazing friends who are often found at my house making food, cleaning it...talking to me (sick or not)-and just always lifting my spirit.  They are my extra gaurdian angels, the kind of friends I've only dreamed of in the past.  And we love each other's children.   The Lord has been gracious.

Hope that's enough to keep those of you updated who did not receive a Christmas letter.  I am planning on ordering more just as soon as my bank account allows it.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

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