Thursday, September 6

Ginnie in her dance outfit

Hyrum has been waiting a long time to share his room with a brother.  He went right to sleep tonight...
He was four days old here, I believe.

About two days old

Me three days after giving birth...yes, the pain left it's mark on my forehead for a while.

Angela and Josh

Sunday, September 2

Joshua Dale

So some of you have been asking about a labor story.  This will be the shortest labor story I have ever told.  Why?  Because I do not wish to relive it.  Seven-thirty, contractions started, with a minute give or take in between pretty intense contractions.  By eight, I thought I ought to call my midwives.  Don't ask me why I had such a thought, since most of my labors are about twelve hours.  I had asked in advance when they wanted me to call them (three hours before I push the babe out?).  They said that would be, at eight I told them to come in an hour.  These contractions were a lot more intense than beginning active labor ones I was used to feeling.  Felt like I was thrown right into the middle part, just before transition.  Well, I was.  When they arrived, I did not think I could endure much more because basically, I had little to no breaks between really painful contractions.  Seriously, I was dilated to a FOUR.  So I got in the shower.  A ten minute shower.  SIX contractions...the kind that made me scared to get out of the shower for fear of feeling the full pain (and YES it was pain like I'm not sure I've felt before.  Ligaments down my leg, lower back pain-horrible).  I've experienced labors with just pressure. The last two were quite doable because of the lack of back labor...and the building up to-with plenty of breaks in between contractions.  These were what women talk about when they say you wish you could die.
Within three hours, I pushed that baby out-standing at the foot of my bed.

How was my home birth in comparison with my hospital births (all natural mind you)?  Let's just say that if it was available this time, I would have been BEGGING for an epidural an hour into it.  But he was worth it.  Every bit.  Next time, I'm definitely going to the hospital.  And, my prayer was answered as it often is (for better or worse).  I got to experience a quick labor (about three hours of hard labor).  I like the longer ones better.

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