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Ginnie in her dance outfit

Hyrum has been waiting a long time to share his room with a brother.  He went right to sleep tonight... He was four days old here, I believe.
About two days old

Me three days after giving birth...yes, the pain left it's mark on my forehead for a while.
Angela and Josh

Joshua Dale

So some of you have been asking about a labor story.  This will be the shortest labor story I have ever told.  Why?  Because I do not wish to relive it.  Seven-thirty, contractions started, with a minute give or take in between pretty intense contractions.  By eight, I thought I ought to call my midwives.  Don't ask me why I had such a thought, since most of my labors are about twelve hours.  I had asked in advance when they wanted me to call them (three hours before I push the babe out?).  They said that would be, at eight I told them to come in an hour.  These contractions were a lot more intense than beginning active labor ones I was used to feeling.  Felt like I was thrown right into the middle part, just before transition.  Well, I was.  When they arrived, I did not think I could endure much more because basically, I had little to no breaks between really painful contractions.  Seriously, I was dilated to a FOUR.  So I got in the shower.  A ten minute shower.  SIX c…