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Our Love Story (part 3)

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  So, on our ice skating date (date number three)~I had never been ice skating.  It was a new experience for me whereas my husband seemed pretty expert at it.  We decided to play tag.  Once again, I was really impressed with his athletic abilities.  Normally, keeping up with the guys hadn't been a problem my entire life-and here was this extremely intelligent guy leaving me in the dust.
  I was it.  He was taunting me and skating backwards while I skated as fast as my legs could carry me, huffing and practically red in the face.  This competition was ON!
  As he saw me approaching, he quickly turned around and I lunged my arm out there to swipe him-certain I'd missed, my hand made unmistakable contact-right in the REAR.  I was more than utterly embarrassed.  He quaintly turned around and began skating backwards again with an over exaggeration of surprise and embarrasment~raising his eyebrows, putting his hand over his wide open mouth.

Home Stretch

I feel like I have way too much time on my hands lately.  I am keeping up on housework, taking my kids out practically every day as well as working on my yard every other day...and am in the middle of a great book called Falling to Heaven by the same author as The Peacegiver.I've even been able to sew matching skirts and ties for all (soon to be five) of my children in the past couple of days.  Other than these things, and watching mindless television, I spend a whole lot of time resting and sleeping. Time seems to stand still being nearly nine months pregnant...and I guess it will be completely opposite once he's here.
 My kids have been a great help in anticipation of baby Joshua's arrival.  The older two remember how long it was waiting for overall, they are being very patient.  I just keep telling them that everything has to be ready in case he comes today (that gets them to do pretty much whatever I ask of them ;).  They are the greatest kids, and I'm s…

The Project

Our backyard is coming along.  I'll post better pictures after our playset is complete, pool set up and rubber mulch in.  It's been fun!


It was a beautiful Baptism and confirmation.  My son is growing up and is a beautiful soul with so much to offer this world.  I wish I could have recorded the words to his confirmation~they were insight into who he is and who he can become depending on his choices in life.  Nothing I didn't sense, but my husband is eloquent in giving blessings.  The spirit was there, and I know my son felt it.  He has always been sensitive to the spirit, and I'm so happy he can now have it as his constant companion.  I'm thankful for him, and for his Daddy.  We are blessed as parents. And I have to mention that when this baby comes, he will be my second son with an eight year gap between boys...(and surprisingly, I have kept most of my boy baby clothes).  My oldest has become a cub scout and a member of the Church.
I have a feeling this picture will be extra special to him in the future because of both his decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and…

Great Things

I've been struggling with depression this entire pregnancy.  Usually if I struggle with it during, it lets up a little after the baby is born.  That is why I am looking forward to Joshua being born...well of course, there are many other good reasons why I look forward to him being born, but for selfish reasons, I'll be so happy to not have to deal with depression.  It's not fun while trying to take care of a family and home.  If I do fulfill my responsibilities, it's with a lot of irritability and yelling-or the alternative, withdrawing.  Not fun for my kids or anyone else.  Life is just plain hard sometimes.  And I do not handle it well when my brain is not working right.

My husband has a job that is really taxing-and stressful.  So he comes home, and has not much left to give.  We do our best to have family night, family scripture study and prayer together, but that's most the extent of attention we get from him-which is hard.  It's just a hard time.  I look …
We dressed up to celebrate the fourth of July but did not really end up doing anything for it...other than going to the hospital to make sure Joshua was alright...I hadn't felt him move all morning-and had a concern about fluid levels and position of baby.  All ended up being just fine.  After that, the kids and I headed to Walmart mostly for fun where they chose out a toy each and we got some food. I love my little sweeties.

I have great kids