Tuesday, June 26

Getting Ready

One of my favorite things to do is pull out all the baby clothes and wash and prepare them for another arrival. I've ordered all I need to do a home birth.  And now, I am washing all of baby Joshua's onsies, receiving blankets, socks and outfits.  I had to take a picture (with my computer...not so great) of these two little Sunday tops I got at Walmart for three dollars a piece.  It's been EIGHT years since I had a boy.  And I remember well all of these cute little outfits on my oldest.  We are getting excited.  Only six weeks to go!

Saturday, June 9


Isn't family great?  My husband's older sister who lives only four hours from us, allowed my to "borrow" a couple of her children for two weeks.  Out of courtesy to me, she gave me some of her most easy-going, peaceful ones.  The ones who often go unnoticed and are in the shadows of more out-going personalities.

  I have loved getting to know these little souls.  I knew RaNae had great kids, but these two have been such a blessing and delight to have in our home.  They are almost always first to volunteer to help me.  They have gotten along well with my kids, and are both great examples to them.  I could not have asked for better in-laws, or better nieces and nephews.
  My niece is seven.  She was born on my birthday-her mother's fifth child when I was just a new mother of a four-month-old little boy.  I told her thank you for coming on my birthday.  I have grown to love them as my own and cannot get enough hugs from them.

  My nephew is thirteen.  He often asks how he can help, and does most things with a cheerful attitude.  He listens to my son's endless ramblings about Modern Sonic (the hedgehog), and through listening to him, cooperates in his imaginary play as if he's just as interested in the subject for hours.  He has been a wonderful example for my son.  I see him studying his scriptures and praying often.  They are treasures.

I'm so thankful that their parents trusted me enough with them to allow them to come.  I look forward to getting to know more of their children, and know this is the beginning of a special bond our families will share.  These two have seen it all, the pleasant and un-pleasant alike of me being pregnant and tired, and overworked.  They have been so wonderful to have around.

  Dan's youngest brother, his wife and daughter (Sarah's age) are here for the weekend to hang out as well.  Nothing I love more than a full house.  Sarah and Amelia already have such fun together.

My husband and I come from large families~and to me, the biggest treat is to have people come visit.  I love my family!!

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