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Our Love Story (part 2)

To see part 1 go here.

My son came to me the other day and told me I needed to write the next part to mine and daddy's love story.  I was shocked he even remembered, because I sure had forgotten after three months of not thinking about it.

So for him, I will continue with it.

So, we ended with me complimenting Brother Wheeler on his Sunday school lesson.  But I need to back up a bit, because although this was the first time I really felt an interest in this Wheeler guy, it was not the first I had met him.  It all started at a singles retreat the previous year.

I had just began dating a guy named Brian and was excited to see him up in the mountains for our retreat. There was a dance the first night, after all the outside games (capture the flag among others), and a bon-fire.  He was a little shorter than me, and I felt like an amazon next to him~but he reminded me of my Uncle Moroni and was such a fantastic guy, so I was really looking forward to getting to know him better.
I remember that I was slow to warm up and ended up staying indoors for a while, mostly observing the life of the party crazies that weren't a bit afraid to be themselves.  Didn't really participate in the silly games they were setting up for fear of getting hurt (one was passing one person along by your feet while lying side by side).

 Brian came and began talking to me, and I decided I was in a drawing mood, so I drew him.  He flirted, and I blushed a lot as I concentrated hard on my work.  When that was done, I decided to go outside because they were beginning to organize a game of capture the flag (one of my childhood favorites).

After our FUN game of capture the flag, I still wanted to play, and saw a couple guys throwing a football, so I asked if I could join in and if we could play 500.  They agreed, and as always, I had a great time showing off my athletic abilities.  After twenty minutes or so, they decided to go in, but by then, a new guy had joined in.  His name was Dan.  He had a hat and glasses on, and I thought he seemed a little mysterious and not at all open like the guy I was dating at the time.

Well, we switched to tossing a frisbee back and forth for another fifteen-twenty minutes, and when I grew tired of that, we found a soccer ball and did the same.  He stuck with me which I was flattered by.  I saw there was a basketball hoop and small court just down the hill a little, and asked if he'd like to play basketball with me.  He said sure.  He seemed the nerdy type, and I thought for sure I could cream him.  But I found that although he didn't share the same enthusiasm for sports as me, he definitely had the upper hand...which fascinated me.  He seemed very sure of who he was and confident in his abilities, something I certainly was lacking at the time.

After he beat me (no contest), I decided to go in where they had started the music for the dance.  I sat there for a short time, and Brian approached and we started dancing.  It was awkward to say the least because I was broader and taller than him, and the thought crossed my mind "I wish that Dan guy would come in and dance with me".  He was much taller than me, and was one of the only ones I had any interest in that was there.

He never came in.  So after one song, I went back outside where the bon-fire and roasting marshmallows had started.  I don't remember seeing him again after that.

He tells me, he had an eye on me though.  He was finishing up his master's program, and between his crazy shifts as a missile keeper (twenty-four hour shifts) and his school, he really had no time for dating.  But he was planning on asking me out first thing once the semester was done.  He says the first he saw me was my first Sunday in their ward.  He sat right behind me, and noticed my long, beautiful blonde (naturally high-lighted) hair, as well as my tall and athletic build.  He has a thing about long hair, and blondes.  So I guess I caught his attention from then on.

Well, after that summer, my Dad had been offered a job back in Utah, and so I decided to move back with them so I could finish up my school.  I had been attending a community college in CO while working at UPS and then Safeway deli. So my second year at UVSC (now UVU) on a full-ride scholarship to throw the javelin.

Meanwhile, Daniel had noticed I wasn't there-and soon found out I had moved back to Utah.  He was a little disappointed he had missed his opportunity, but had faith and figured there were plenty of fish in the sea.
So I attended school again, enjoyed institute and my dating life continued to be pretty active.

After about six months, my Dad was laid off from his job (downgrading and he had no degree)~and was offered a job back in Colorado.  I prayed about it, and decided to return to Colorado with my parents.  While in Utah a couple boys had fallen in love with me. One began flying out to visit me once I went back.  He was planning on proposing over Valentines' day. I liked him, but soon realized he was not someone I wanted to spend eternity with, but had to work up the courage to tell him because he had fallen hard, and I hated that I had to break his heart.
  I soon heard that my Aunt Colleen would be coming to visit us, and we decided to set her up with a couple of good guys.  So I figured out who was the oldest in the ward since she was 33 at the time.  And guess what...Dan was one.  I called and invited him over for an evening to make her stay exciting.
  The one who had fallen for me was up for a visit the same weekend of the date that I had set up for my Aunt.  So I went out with him, but came home early feeling physically ill~I waved hello from the top of the stairs to Dan and Colleen who were down watching a movie letting them know I was not feeling well.  Dan seemed extra enthusiastic to see me...he was all smiles and seemed to be having a great time.  I had no idea at the time that he was remotely interested in me.
  It was after that night that I was able to break the news to Chris (the Utah boy).

  I was now free to date whomever I wanted to and soon I was set up on a blind date by a mom in our family ward.  His name was James and we hit it off right away-had plenty of fun, hung out constantly and talked on the phone for an hour or so nearly every night.  After two weeks of hardly every being without each other, Dan entered the picture.  He asked me on a group date with his cousin Tim and his girlfriend Liz.  We went bowling and had pizza.  He asked me out again the following weekend, and we played racquetball then went iceskating for our third date.  Since James was at my house often to help out with whatever needed doing, he was actually there when Dan picked me up for the ice skating date.

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Canada Toronto Mission said...

It is fun to hear this story. Dan never said much when we would ask how things were going.

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