Thursday, May 10


  When I became obsessed with sewing a few years ago-- for two and a  half years straight-- I felt like I had been prepared for that skill; through design and art classes, my love of lettering, color theory, etc.  I had tried my hand at it before, but it had not really clicked until then.
 Another "awakening" that I hadn't previously discovered, was a love of reading...especially biographies; probably my way of getting some much needed mental stimulation. Like sewing, this seems to come in waves for me, and I'll often read four to five books within a week or two.

I suppose a third awakening would be my motivation to work out regularly, to take pride in both my health and the upkeep of my home   There are times when we can do it all, and plenty of others where we just cannot.  I guess we all do what we can when we can.

    To make a long story short,  I've had no interest in sewing since Christmas (think I did a little overkill with gifts), continue to work out regularly, keep my house in order, and wave in and out of reading...but have needed something else to fill my time (especially because I only have two little ones at home for most of the day who generally entertain themselves and do well to keep out of trouble-this will change come summer).  So let me introduce you to my newest passion...hint: it all started with my garden and sandbox.

  All growing up, I was surrounded by wood-working.  My Grandfather is a cabinet maker, carpenterand retired contractor.  My Uncles are contractors.  My Mom along with her sixteen siblings did what they could to help Grandpa in his pursuit of supporting a very large family.
  With that experience and knowledge, my Mother, with our help (my eight siblings at the time), built a forty-two hundred square foot home from the ground up while living in a trailer home and later in the basement. This included but was not limited to: framing, sheetrock, electrical, roofing (my personal favorite), and siding.  I watched her work all day every day sometimes till three in the morning during that year.  As a twelve year old girl who would sometimes stay up as late as ten o'clock helping her, I was amazed at her stamina and enjoyment at such an impossible task. Even those days that were beyond frustrating did not slow her down a bit.
  Now my Mother is attending her last semester at BYU for a Bachelor's in fine arts and will begin teaching as a high school art teacher on internship come fall.  Her home is full of her creations, from clay, to glass figurines, vases, beautiful hand woven baskets...and much more.  Her talents and hobbies have only increased three times since my adolescence which is hard to wrap my mind around, let alone someone who hasn't known her all their lives.
  Through my Mother's example, I was given a great start in life as far as discovering my own talents and having ample desire to build upon them.  She gave me a love of working hard with my hands, and all things creative.

My newest project, which I have finished within a couple days (even with my protruding belly, sciatic pain and prone to exhaustion) will be the first of many to beautify my home.

Here they are, standing at about five feet own creation for my sweet little girls ~
                                                TODDLER BUNK BEDS
                                          Finished product
    Before I was married, my Father gave me a beautiful blessing in which he stated that if I continued in obedience and faith, my blessings would overflow, even to exceed my ability or "room" to receive them. This blessing has become an anchor of hope through my darkest hours and has only deepened in meaning over the years.  For the purpose of this post though, why I share this is not to boast (after all, it is a promise stated in the scriptures to all who are faithful), but to illustrate how this project correlates with that promise.  Simple, really.  Our family is outgrowing many things at this stage-our dining room table (seats six) and soon our van.  But other than that, we have run out of room for all of our children's beds. Those of you who know me at all, know that it is more painful for me to read instructions than it is just to make it up as I go.  So naturally, that's what I did.
  I measured off of my girls' toddler beds, went and purchased the wood (about thirty-five dollars worth), borrowed a couple tools and began.  After cutting and sanding all the boards and getting the first bed done (a day and a half later), my sweet husband went and got me an early mother's day gift here. I have LOVED it, and it is already been used well.
All I have left is to paint.  Like any big project, there were many frustrations along the way and many mistakes made.  However, this bed symbolizes a long anticipated love affair with wood-working that I intend to have.  It will in no doubt come in handy as our family grows (just think of the possibilities!).

  I'm so thankful that after many years as a new mother-having no desire or motivation for anything creative, or even life itself (never been one to do well with lots of change...and I married an officer in the military-eek!), that a new level of desire has awakened within me.  My trials were great for several years.  I grew and became.  And now I am blessed to enjoy the fruit of that growth.  There is a difference in me that makes these new abilities possible, and that makes balance possible like never before.  I thank my Father in Heaven for blessing me so graciously whether or not I deserve it.  Because of His guidance, I am beginning to realize my own potential to serve and bless my family's and others lives.
  I feel eternally indebted to Him and to my own earthly parents who have always inspired and encouraged me to just go for it!

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