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Our Love Story (part 2)

To see part 1 go here.

My son came to me the other day and told me I needed to write the next part to mine and daddy's love story.  I was shocked he even remembered, because I sure had forgotten after three months of not thinking about it.

So for him, I will continue with it.

So, we ended with me complimenting Brother Wheeler on his Sunday school lesson.  But I need to back up a bit, because although this was the first time I really felt an interest in this Wheeler guy, it was not the first I had met him.  It all started at a singles retreat the previous year.

I had just began dating a guy named Brian and was excited to see him up in the mountains for our retreat. There was a dance the first night, after all the outside games (capture the flag among others), and a bon-fire.  He was a little shorter than me, and I felt like an amazon next to him~but he reminded me of my Uncle Moroni and was such a fantastic guy, so I was really looking forward to getting to know him better.
I remem…


When I became obsessed withsewing a few years ago-- for two and a  half years straight-- I felt like I had been prepared for that skill; through design and art classes, my love of lettering, color theory, etc.  I had tried my hand at it before, but it had not really clicked until then.
 Another "awakening" that I hadn't previously discovered, was a love of reading...especially biographies; probably my way of getting some much needed mental stimulation. Like sewing, this seems to come in waves for me, and I'll often read four to five books within a week or two.

I suppose a third awakening would be my motivation to work out regularly, to take pride in both my health and the upkeep of my home   There are times when we can do it all, and plenty of others where we just cannot.  I guess we all do what we can when we can.

    To make a long story short,  I've had no interest in sewing since Christmas (think I did a little overkill with gifts), continue to work out reg…

So Many Things

I have had a few things on my mind recently.  Whether it be struggles with mental illness, health difficulties, loss of loved one, accidents, natural disaster's, unexpected tragedy: whatever it be, these things seem to have the effect of either turning men's hearts to God, or to bitterness and misery-and I speak of long-term.  Obviously, these things in and of themselves are going to bring sadness and anger of the most real kind.  But how we choose to allow these things to mold us, is in direct correlation to the level of faith we possess in our creator and His purposes for us.

I hear many speaking of the newfound "peace" in turning away from God and instead, being true to themselves.

"For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.
What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now ashamed?  for the end of those things is death.
But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the…

Family Update

Although we are just renting, we're having fun using this as our "practice house" because we think we may be able to build our permanent home after this assignment depending on if Dan is able to get a follow on to the Academy to teach Physics in Colorado Springs.  That is where we are planning on raising our family.
I have built a garden box, and we planted our garden and flowers.  We also leveled and put down lining for grass, and have finally planted our grass seed (just saw the first of it yesterday popping up).  Here in Albuquerque, it is mostly desert landscaping, and they have a law that only forty percent of your yard can be grass.  I've painted and almost finished drilling together our giant sandbox for the kids (12'x8') and will soon put it into the ground and fill it with sand.
I am ordering a couple small trampolines and digging holes in the ground just beyond the grass for them. Anyhow, we're having fun getting that all put together, it's a b…