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I've come to realize that I, if left to my own devices, can really complicate situations.
Because of my natural tendencies, I can be a destructive force especially in my marriage.  Marriage has been so good for me in that regard.  Because slowly, but surely, I am learning to turn to the Lord for wisdom and solutions.  I've actually done this since I was a teenager, but I guess that in recent months, maybe even years, I've wanted to spread my wings and just handle things on my own a little more.  That is a good thing, but it is always important still to include an all-knowing, all-loving Father in Heaven in our lives.  I still have some growing up to do in many areas.  And He alone will help me to achieve that.

We are at a phase in our family, where both of our loads are heavy.  And at the moment because of my  kids' ages, stages, and because of a great support system around me, I feel that my husband's load is heavier than mine.  There have been many times when it …
My sweet Sarah turned two yesterday.  She's been such a joy in our family.  Happy, go-with-the-flow, and a mother to all.  We're thankful to have her in our family!!

We found out yesterday that we're having a boy.  I finished this painting/drawing a week ago.  Yay for our little Joshua!

The Bachelor, After the Final Rose

I just got done watching After the Final Rose. I cannot believe the way people are treating Courtney.  Just because a person has emotional issues to work through does not give justification to condemn an individual.
Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly?  In the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can't see.
It is frustrating to see the level of hostility people can show.  Seriously, they would stone her to death if they had the chance.

  What would Jesus do?  He understands her better than anyone else, and I'm pretty sure he treasures her.  He understands her and what she needs in order to heal and change.  Give her a chance people!

  I do believe the reason I am so understanding of her is because I have had to work through serious emotional issues within my relationship to my love.  And because of his redeeming qualities (which are comparable to some of Courtney's), he has stood by me and loved me through it.  I recognized many good things about Court…