Sunday, February 26

FInally some pictures!

My blog has been a bit boring lately.  So I've finally taken some pictures to spice it up a little.
Today was a GREAT Sunday.  I enjoyed every second of it.  What makes it the greatest is my husband.  He makes all the difference in the level of unity I feel in our home.  We're really starting to feel like a family!
The kids took a bath in my big bath (the only one we have) that can fit all four of them at once.  They love it.

We sorted out finances and figured what to do with our tax refund.  We are going to pay the midwives and get our back yard started.  It's a great back yard.  Just full of stickers, rocks and weeds.  But plenty big for the kids to have lots of fun in once we clear all that out and get some grass and rocks put down.
Dan and I are loving teaching primary.  Our kids were adorable during the 'Choose the Right moment'.  A couple of them got up.  The girl said, "Um, I chose the right yesterday."  The primary president asked if she could remember what she did.  She thought, and was getting more nervous and feeling under pressure.  "Um...I don't know(?)"  She seemed nearly in tears by then.  So cute.  Then a boy got up and began scratching his head making his "thinking face" that we often see in class.  He is the class clown.  He finally shared a story about playing with his baby brother by throwing all the toys in the kitchen for him, and when his Mom asked him to clean it up, he did.  I giggled mostly out of pride for our kids.  They have a way of getting into your heart quickly.  I know Daniel enjoys it just as much as I do, and I'm really thankful to have his companionship there.  We are learning team work, and how to really listen and flow with each other which is proving to be very fulfilling for me.  I love that man more and more as I get to peel away the layers over the years.

Some nail art for randomness...

I made new 'Library bags' last week for my kids and myself.  Here are some pictures of those.
Life is great over all.  I'm in my second trimester and feeling happy and blessed.

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