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Our Love Story (part 1)

So I have to start this story from the beginning.  The first time I ever saw my husband was in a dream when I was seventeen years old.  I saw several faces in that dream, but the one that stood out to me most was a man with several smile lines, glasses and a hat.  I wanted to know what all those lines were about...and what was hiding behind those glasses and under the hat.  It sparked my curiosity.  The other faces were different from one another, but rather generic in comparison.  He was a mystery that I would discover in the years to come.

     With that said, forward to age twenty.  I was living in Colorado with my parents while attending a community college and working part time at a deli, and babysitting/cleaning.  I had been attending a single's ward in Boulder, Colorado for over a year ~and while it was fun, my dating life was seriously lacking.  I had heard of Fort Collins up north-a college town which had three single's wards and had a reputation for being the pa…

FInally some pictures!

My blog has been a bit boring lately.  So I've finally taken some pictures to spice it up a little.
Today was a GREAT Sunday.  I enjoyed every second of it.  What makes it the greatest is my husband.  He makes all the difference in the level of unity I feel in our home.  We're really starting to feel like a family!
The kids took a bath in my big bath (the only one we have) that can fit all four of them at once.  They love it.

We sorted out finances and figured what to do with our tax refund.  We are going to pay the midwives and get our back yard started.  It's a great back yard.  Just full of stickers, rocks and weeds.  But plenty big for the kids to have lots of fun in once we clear all that out and get some grass and rocks put down.
Dan and I are loving teaching primary.  Our kids were adorable during the 'Choose the Right moment'.  A couple of them got up.  The girl said, "Um, I chose the right yesterday."  The primary president asked if she could r…

Confusing Times

Once again, my heart and mind are turned to those who have left the Church.

One similar and resounding theme among them, is that they felt betrayed or held from all of the truth, whether it be in history or in doctrine.

Phases of Relationships
  So, in relationships we all experience different stages.  In relation to the church, to God, we go through the same stages.
The first is the honeymoon phase.  I went through this ages fourteen to twenty, I was on fire.  Loved studying my scriptures and praying. The spirit was abundant in my daily life, and I wanted to do everything I could to serve the Lord.  He held my hand and let me know He was near and that He loved me.  Then into my twenties, I felt like that left quite a bit.  I wasn't as intense in my study and prayers and they became less frequent, but I still did what I could.  It was time for me to grow and learn who I really was weaknesses and all and learn to be okay with that, to forgive and still love me.  So I fought it sometime…