Saturday, January 7


I am needing some recharging about now.  I've been doing well to keep on top of finances and many other things in my life.  My intention this year though, is to make it a priority always to put God first.  He is the only possible way for me to fulfill my responsibilities well.  I owe to Him everything that is good in my life.

One that is most prevalent in my mind right now is my ability, in the face of opposition, to stand firm in my faith, and in who I am.  My sense of value is now built where it ought to have been my entire life, and that is in Jesus Christ.

Nehemiah 12:43

"Also that day they offered great sacrifice
 and rejoiced: for God had made them arejoice with great joy: the wives also and the children rejoiced:"

I have recognized a theme in our household.  Those who are sacrificing for the good of those around them, can't help but rejoice.  Those who are self-focused do the opposite-they can't see past the negative in every given situation, and are easily irritated by little things.

I watch my son's attitude change from anger to simple gratitude, as he serves and works for the benefit of those around him.  It is my job to provide him with opportunities to serve so that he can learn this lesson young. 
I am thankful for the law of sacrifice.  Sacrifice brings rejoicing.  There is no better way on earth to learn this law than through daily family life.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple.  There are many eternal laws.  And this is one that I was blessed to learn as a child.  My parents never allowed us to get lost in self-service or self-indulgence.  They kept us outwardly focused, and helped us to realize at a young age that we were important in helping things to run smoothly in our household.  This is something I hope to pass on to my children.
 It is a JOY and blessing to serve and to sacrifice for a purpose...especially for the purpose of an eternal family!  There is no greater purpose in life than for our time and energy to be spent serving and loving our families.While my load may feel heavy at times, my faith and trust is in the Lord, who is able to make my burden light.  He is the Man I will  depend on when I start to feel overwhelmed.  We are told not to put our trust in the arm of flesh.  I have done that too much in the past.  And my life is so much happier now that I've learned to re-direct that trust heavenward.  

So I guess with all this, I'd like to say that sacrifice is worth it when you put your trust in God.

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Canada Toronto Mission said...

You are so right. It is wonderful that you are teaching that to your children. You are doing a great job.
Aunt Diane

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