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Living the Abundant Life

I absolutely love this talk by our Prophet, President Monson Living the Abundant Life

This is exactly what I needed tonight.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel of peace, courage, faith, dedication and personal growth.  There are times in each of our lives when we may fear the unknown~and wish for an easier way.  But if we truly believe in eternal principles, then our knowledge and understanding of them will deepen,  I believe in many things. I trust in my Father in Heaven's watchful care and in our ability to live the abundant life.  It's all in our attitude, perspective, our choice to be courageous or not.  In my opinion, it is far better to live every day with faith and courage.  Our strength in the Lord only increases as we do this.


I am needing some recharging about now.  I've been doing well to keep on top of finances and many other things in my life.  My intention this year though, is to make it a priority always to put God first.  He is the only possible way for me to fulfill my responsibilities well.  I owe to Him everything that is good in my life.

One that is most prevalent in my mind right now is my ability, in the face of opposition, to stand firm in my faith, and in who I am.  My sense of value is now built where it ought to have been my entire life, and that is in Jesus Christ.

Nehemiah 12:43

"Also that day they offered great sacrifice
 and rejoiced: for God had made them arejoice with great joy: the wives also and the children rejoiced:"

I have recognized a theme in our household.  Those who are sacrificing for the good of those around them, can't help but rejoice.  Those who are self-focused do the opposite-they can't see past the negative in every given situation, and are easily i…

Learning Things

I've been noticing something about the way I present myself in front of others (especially those I don't know or trust).  I'm thankful to my older sister who brought this to my attention.
   For many many years, I've had this way of protecting myself from others' hurt, by being self-degrading.  
Unfortunately, I do the same about my children.  I will hurry and 'admit' their weaknesses or weak points so that others (as if they would) won't be the first to do so. Perhaps it stems from being made fun of in jr. high school, and all the damage I allowed that experience to cause.
  On the other hand, when I am surrounded by people who I know really love my children, and people that I really trust to love and accept me for who I am, it's not an issue.
 At home, we do very well to compliment our children often (maybe a little too much sometimes) on positive traits, encouraging good behavior, and telling them we love them.

  The two are not consistent with each o…