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The Book of Mormon

So powerful and beautiful the messages that are found therein.  It speaks directly to us.
Journals and records are important things for posterity as well as countless others.  I love this book.  I love that the men in it recorded their feelings and experiences.  Their faith and great love for those around them no matter how wicked or righteous.  It all points back to one thing, and one person.  The Atonement, the greatest sacrifice and act of love ever known among men by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

His name may offend some.

If it does, I am sad for the position you are in.  It is only the truth that pierces the wicked to the core.

Jesus Christ is the source of all healing, all power, all beauty, all light in this world.

And the Book of Mormon is an excellent way to come to know who He is, and what results from following His commandments and walking in His footsteps.

May I and those whom I love and care for always stay true to what we've been taught and felt in our hearts.  …

Christmas Presents


Same Gender Marriage

So one of my friends posted this video:    I was raised by lesbian parents

And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this response to it.  While it was a very well done speech, I think this girl got her point across as well. 

"That guys was awesome! Very intelligent, very handsome, very charismatic. But I still think he is arguing the wrong issue. In a country where many children are raised by single parents, or multi-generations, the question is not who is fit to raise children. There would be calls for mass sterilizations if that were the case. The argument is much more basic than that - it comes down to the family being the basic unit of society, the basic ingredient of our country and world. Eons ago when the first man married the first woman, it wasn't because he crawled out of a cave and fell in love. I believe it was because of specific instruction from God. In fact, getting married for love is a rather new concept in the history of the world. Trying to change …