Wednesday, October 26


  Wow.  I'm thirty now.  Never thought it would come.
So far, I think thirties are going to be the best years of my life.
  So today, my best friend Anna finished up our family portraits, and let me come look at them.  Then she came over and did my dishes, after which, I received a strange box on my front porch.  It was chocolate covered strawberries!   My husband soon came home with balloons, an ice-cream cake and the sweetest card.  I love my family and friends -  it has been the best birthday yet.

Each of the kids chose their own colored balloon to play with

Alright, let's see here...

(blowing the balloon up-really blowing the string over and over again ~so fun to watch, she knew how it needed to be done)
Balloon wars

My sweet hubby just finished tying the balloon to her toe, so she could hit it over and over, and it would come back to her.  She loved the game.

One of my son's art projects from school (during balloon fiesta)

Today was wacky Wednesday for Red Ribbon week...hence the inside out pants.

Told her to look and smile, she fell just as I took it...

Daddy and Sarah getting some one on one time watching Top Shot

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