Wednesday, October 12


I used to love writing poems ~ and haven't for a while.  But I'd like to record some of them I've found in my journal, with a little commentary.

I wrote a poem while on Acapella tour in California my senior year of high school.  It was a great experience, but I was so shy and completely unknown, and I felt unnoticed by everyone.  So I wrote this:

Please Listen

  I would like a friend who brings out the best in me
One who would listen and see what I will someday be.

I need you not to be afraid when so many weaknesses are visible~
I want you to give me courage and let me know I'm lovable

I am trapped, unknown, and out of place.
Things are hardest when mine is not a familiar face.

There is far more in me than what may appear-
and though you don't know me,  you can trust that I'll  hold you dear.

Someday I'll be worthwhile...I know it's hard to believe
It's incredible, with a loving Father in Heaven's help, what one can achieve.

I want you to know that I love everyone,
Doing my best continually, not to judge anyone-

Perhaps the only way to set me free, is by simply teaching me how to be me.

About six months later, after I'd written this poem, I got my first boyfriend.  And he was an angel, sent to me at that time with all these things I wanted.  His name was Enoch.  And I'll always treasure the blessings and joy he brought to me, an insecure and shy eighteen year-old.

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Canada Toronto East Mission said...

In this poem you have expressed my feelings as I am serving this mission. Thank you.

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