Wednesday, October 26


  Wow.  I'm thirty now.  Never thought it would come.
So far, I think thirties are going to be the best years of my life.
  So today, my best friend Anna finished up our family portraits, and let me come look at them.  Then she came over and did my dishes, after which, I received a strange box on my front porch.  It was chocolate covered strawberries!   My husband soon came home with balloons, an ice-cream cake and the sweetest card.  I love my family and friends -  it has been the best birthday yet.

Each of the kids chose their own colored balloon to play with

Alright, let's see here...

(blowing the balloon up-really blowing the string over and over again ~so fun to watch, she knew how it needed to be done)
Balloon wars

My sweet hubby just finished tying the balloon to her toe, so she could hit it over and over, and it would come back to her.  She loved the game.

One of my son's art projects from school (during balloon fiesta)

Today was wacky Wednesday for Red Ribbon week...hence the inside out pants.

Told her to look and smile, she fell just as I took it...

Daddy and Sarah getting some one on one time watching Top Shot

Sunday, October 16


Could my life be more full?  Is there any way to cram in just one more blessing?  It doesn't seem possible, yet I know it is.

My fulfillment comes from living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few things I am thankful for:

My husband ~I am so in love with this man.  I honestly hadn't a clue who he was, nor what I was looking for in a man when I married him. Sounds insane to start a marriage that way. 
  But I had enough faith and trust in God to know that everything would work out.  Marriage takes a great leap of faith for anyone.

Our family - the family we have created and are raising together is a great one.  And the greatest thing about it is that we are doing it together.  Children grow too quickly.  I often look at my little girls and handsome son, and daydream about their first experiences in life.  I feel an ever present need to prepare them for a world that is in turmoil, and will become more so as time passes.
  The most important preparation I speak of is spiritual.  I want them to understand, that if they trust in God with all their hearts, He will protect and guide them.  He will provide a way for them to overcome impossible odds.  After all, isn't that what any loving father does?
 Most importantly though, His is the only path that bears the fruit of joy and peace beyond that which is available in this world.

My testimony ~ I want everyone to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives.  He has the power and capacity to turn all things for our good.  I know this because of all that I've come through, stronger and more refined.  Closer and more aware of who He is, and why He is.  I know His promises are sure.

My invitation~To those who have never believed, or who in recent years have stopped believing, I want to testify that life is short. 
  Pursuits which have no eternal significance are a waste of   time. We are here to prepare ourselves to meet God. 
  If you wish to know these things for yourselves, you must repent and call upon His name.  He will speak to you.  His desire for each of His children is true joy but just as a small child cannot be happy without careful nurturing and direction, we also need guidelines in order to learn how to fly.  Once we do, the possibilities are limitless!
  I cannot say enough about the power of trusting in the Lord and obeying His precepts.
  There is freedom in being teachable.
The more we come to know and accept, the greater capacity our minds have to expand and receive  more knowledge and wisdom.  

And so the saying goes,

My cup runneth over
...this may be how it feels to me, but in reality, my cup is enlarged through obedience.

Wednesday, October 12


I used to love writing poems ~ and haven't for a while.  But I'd like to record some of them I've found in my journal, with a little commentary.

I wrote a poem while on Acapella tour in California my senior year of high school.  It was a great experience, but I was so shy and completely unknown, and I felt unnoticed by everyone.  So I wrote this:

Please Listen

  I would like a friend who brings out the best in me
One who would listen and see what I will someday be.

I need you not to be afraid when so many weaknesses are visible~
I want you to give me courage and let me know I'm lovable

I am trapped, unknown, and out of place.
Things are hardest when mine is not a familiar face.

There is far more in me than what may appear-
and though you don't know me,  you can trust that I'll  hold you dear.

Someday I'll be worthwhile...I know it's hard to believe
It's incredible, with a loving Father in Heaven's help, what one can achieve.

I want you to know that I love everyone,
Doing my best continually, not to judge anyone-

Perhaps the only way to set me free, is by simply teaching me how to be me.

About six months later, after I'd written this poem, I got my first boyfriend.  And he was an angel, sent to me at that time with all these things I wanted.  His name was Enoch.  And I'll always treasure the blessings and joy he brought to me, an insecure and shy eighteen year-old.

Sunday, October 2

New Page

I've recently started doing art again!  I'll be adding regularly I hope.  But I've posted a bunch of old projects as well as one I've done this week.  I'm excited this part of my life is back after years of having no desire for it!  Check out my Art page :)

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