Monday, September 12

We are Settled

My wonderful, sweet husband has been home since Thursday.  I cannot tell you what a growing experience and blessing it has been for both of us to be without each other for such a long time.

Being reunited, our relationship is better than ever.  We are beginning to realize and appreciate exactly what each other brings to the family, and how there is no way we could raise these children on our own without each other's support and love.

It took seven years of marriage for us both to finally begin to open up to each other completely.  We had to be unbelievably patient with each other in different areas, and continue in faith through a lot of bumpy times.  But we made it.  And we are finally ready to start growing as a couple who is truly in love, and understands what real love is.  It is nothing short of a miracle.

My husband is wonderful.  I have always been partially blind to who he is-but I've finally opened my eyes and am able to appreciate and accept him fully.  We are ready as a team to raise a family now.  Took us a while because there were things that we each had to heal from and move past.  The only way to do that was through lots of forgiveness and repentance.

I love him.  I not only love him, but am for the first time in my life, madly in love with the man of my dreams.  Life is exciting and good.  Our children are growing.  Though I cannot seem to find my camera since I took pictures of the house with the new carpet, I promise that when I do, I will post them.  For now, you'll have to be content with just words.

God is good.  If we believe, He can work miracles.

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