Sunday, September 18

Spilled Grape Juice

Everything connects.

Truth is eternal and is expressed in different genres.

The more we understand and recognize truth, the more everything makes sense in this world.

Here is an example:

Today, I was chatting online with a friend who is struggling because of a mistake she made.  I tried to share some things I've learned about who we are and how that never changes regardless of our choices.  In God's eyes we are seen as one and the same person-before we are born, during our life and in the eternities. There  is no time with Him.

After I finished my conversation with her, hoping that any of my words helped her to realize that in the grand scheme of things, she ought not to be so hard on herself; I went downstairs.  I poured my youngest girls a drink of grape juice.  My three year old got distracted and while doing something good, spilled a bit on the floor.  Her reaction was "oopsie" and she looked up to see how I'd react.
Knowing she knew she'd made a mistake, I simply said,  "That's alright.  Here, let me get you a paper towel to clean that up."  Her eighteen month old sister was eager to help her clean up as well and like magic, it disappeared.

I immediately began reflecting on how our Father in Heaven must view our mistakes.  It is important that we recognize and acknowledge when we've made them...then repent by doing what we can to repair whatever damage was caused.  But ultimately, it doesn't change His feelings in the slightest toward us as His children, nor does it affect who we are as individuals.

I imagined that if I left that spill for a while, it would cause much more havoc in our home, making people slip, getting tracked through the house causing stickiness and dirtiness much harder to clean up than the original spill.

So here are some insights I've gained through this experience today.

1.  When we sin, or make mistakes in life, our loved ones will always be there to do what they can to help us become clean again.

2.  If we choose to not face the consequence immediately, then the damage becomes harder to repair over time and can effect many aspects of our lives and even important relationships.

3.  If we choose to instead face the consequences, repent and strive to do better, it is like starting over, fresh and clean just as the floor was after my daughter had wiped it up and when I mop it after she's done all she can do, symbolic of our Savior's Atonement and His ability to make up for what we can't do.

This life is a great teacher.

Our purpose for being here is to learn what real and lasting love is, and to form eternal families.  Not an easy task.

But it is doable because of our Savior, Jesus Christ who knows exactly what it takes to overcome our weaknesses and sin, who knows how to comfort, love and strengthen us.  Who has made it possible for us to truly live.

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