Thursday, September 29


Free to be myself for once, to really love and to be loved.
Free to let things be, and people accept and love them willingly.
Free from trials and burdens I've known, many of which I've gratefully outgrown. Free from the guilt and the sorrow I had, thinking I deserved everything bad.  Free from the lies that encompassed my youth, when all around stood mirrors of truth.

I have been taught by One who has loved and suffered in my behalf.  In our favor, He has overcome. 
The greatest name ever to be uttered ...Jesus Christ -
Victor;  Author of Liberty; Lover of my Soul

Love conquers all and casts out all fear, therefore, love brings freedom.  It is all connected, as is all truth.  How I love my Savior.  And through His Atonement, I am free from so much that would bind me down and limit my choices.  I am truly FREE because of His influence, healing, and light!

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