Saturday, August 20

Angels Everywhere

This morning began at six-thirty as usual.  My children woke up, we all got dressed, and by seven were out the door headed to the store for some much needed groceries and other items.

We went for the other items first.  Then I got distracted at the clearance racks for a while-a nagging in the back of my head ~ my kids would only last so long without any breakfast.  So we headed over to look for what we needed-and then ended with the grocery shopping.  By the time I made it up to the check-out and got everything loaded and rung up, my credit card wouldn't work.  I tried taking off a few items, thinking I'd gone over my budget a little.  After cancelling several things, and it still wouldn't work, I headed out the door with kids who were more hungry and tired than before, and without any food.

As I was driving I looked down at the clock and was surprised to find that our little shopping spree was two hours long.  It was just a few minutes till nine.  Time to go pull the old carpet out of our house to make way for the new.  I dropped my children off at our neighbor's house (the same one who has been helping me in so many ways since we arrived here), letting her know they were starving and headed over to the house.

When I arrived nearly five minutes late, I quickly went around back to get in and unlock the front door and began pulling up carpet.  When I came back out to see if anyone had arrived to help, a guy rolled  down his windowin passing and waved, introducing himself as Brother Cook.  I told him what we were doing, and having the whole minute of experience I did in pulling carpet up, I mentioned how easy and quick it was.

He explained that they were on their way for a family outing-going bike riding, but would help afterward.  Somehow, after letting my comment sink in, he decided to come in and help for a minute.  His wife and kids helped as well.

A minute turned into a couple hours.  And after making numerous trips to their house to get necessary tools to do the job, and working till it was nearly done, he declared that it was time for them to go.

I have learned that pulling the carpet up is the easy part (unless it's on stairs).  It's the detail clean-up work that takes forever-rolling the carpet up, getting it hauled, scraping the parts of the under padding that are glued, pulling staples, etc.  It was a learning experience, and one I will always remember.  At the rate I was working, it was probably the closest thing to a marathon I'll ever know.

The guys that helped were life savers.

I'm just so grateful for their sacrifices to help me out.  There are good people everywhere.

After finishing everything up (noon) we were all exhausted hungry and thirsty. I picked up my children who were also hungry and tired, and realized that the store was still holding all our stuff.  My two littlest girls were melting down a bit, so I knew it was time for lunch and naps, and decided to head home (temp lodging) to get them a quick bite and send them to bed.  Just about there... I peeked back, and one was out.

Change of plans.  Older kids were starving as was I, so on my way back to the store-I would stop at a fast food place.  As we sat in the parking lot and ate to our hearts' content, I was able to bond with my older two - we enjoyed our time.  Once done, I put the two sleeping girls into an umbrella stroller each (as smoothly as possible...I'm afraid I don't have my husband's skill in this area), at which point they both dozed in and out a bit before waking up.  Short naps are never a great thing when shopping with four children.  Nonetheless, I was determined to get it out of the way so I could go home, shower and relax until it was time for my dear friends (yes the only friends I had here until today) to drop off their children so they could enjoy at least a small portion of their anniversary together.

So we headed in once again.  My responsible, attentive older two pushing my sleepy younger two.
I saw our large grocery cart full of our things (including perishables) behind the customer service desk and decided to let a couple go ahead of us, knowing my deal would take a good amount of time-while trying to keep my kids behaving.

When it was my turn, I explained to the sweet girl at the counter that I probably overspent, and asked if she would mind if I just went and put back the things I didn't really need.  She cheerfully said, "That's what I'm here for :)"
I was a bit frazzled trying to sort things out one at a time as my children's energy level skyrocketed.  All the while, she kept reassuring me "I understand", and other kind words that I appreciated in my moment of exhausted reluctancy.

There are a whole lot of good people around here.  I love the blessing of going to new states and witnessing different cultures, diversity of people and experiences.  I'm just so grateful for all I've learned and how much more open minded I've become because I chose to marry a military man.

It was a good day.

At the end of the day, Hyrum asked, "Mommy, was this another bad day?"  I told him that it was a really good day.  He started naming a few things that were hard about today for me (being the intuitive, sweet boy he is).  And I realized that it could have been a bad day-just a few days ago, everything seemed to be going wrong and I wasn't handling it the best. The difference about today is that I got a good night of sleep last night, and I think I recognized the angels that were sent my way to help make my life a little easier, a little more enjoyable.


Mom W. said...

The angels are there and they will be there for you. Just keep hanging on and Dan will be back with you and the kids before you know it.

Cynthia said...

I don't know how you're doing all that you are with 4 kids and your hubby gone! You are amazing!

Jansen Family said...

I could comment on so many things in this post, but I think I'll just say I think you were really brave going to the store with kids before breakfast! Seriously, I would never dare, lol! In all honesty, though, it's amazing what you did while your husband was gone. Nice work! It must be wonderful to have him back now. :)


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