Wednesday, August 3


I am thankful for trials which serve to: humble us, lead us to self-reflection and hopefully self improvement.

It's taken me many years to be able to take others pointing out my faults without beating myself up ruthlessly over my mistakes and weaknesses.  I think a large part of why I've changed that is because of the book Weakness is not Sin by Wendy Ulrich.  This is one of those books that seems to take a weight off for those of us who have been living with misconceptions about our own innate goodness and worth.

I think the world of all my family members, and realize with a bunch of head strong people, there is bound to be some disagreements, mis-communications, and offense.  But I wouldn't change my relatives for the world.  I'm beginning to understand that all of our head-strong traits are what leads us to be something extra-ordinary.

I love Jesus Christ.  I can repent and change for the better because of Him.  And He can show me how to use my head-strong nature to become the leader and nurterer I so desire.  I cannot do it without Him, nor do I want to.

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Jansen Family said...

I like to think that "head strong" people are "tenacious" people. :)


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