Saturday, August 13

Our House

The house my kids will grow up in for the next four years...

When I first heard the address, it just sounded right.  We walked through to the backyard first ~and it was BIG with nothing but dirt.  I LOVE landscaping.  We're going to put in grass, maybe a firestone path, some rocks, shrubs and a couple trees.

We walked in the house and my kids took off exploring excitedly.  None of the other houses had this effect on them.  The staircase is wide, every little detail I LOVED.  It just seemed like OUR house!

The only thing is, it was pretty dirty and not well kept up.  But honestly, I'd much rather start with something that is not perfectly kept up.  When I get a chance to work on something, I'm much better at keeping up with it afterwards.

The price is AWESOME.  So no matter what we put into it, within a few months' time, we will have made up for it saving in rent (the only other options being three hundred or so dollars more a month).

Our back yard practically meets the school's yard.  The Temple is fifteen minutes away.  And Hyrum's best friend (plus Ginnie's first ever crush) is just a few blocks away, in the same ward and school.  They will know each other from ages four to ten or eleven by the time we move to our last assignment.  And they have kids within months of our kids' ages, all four.

I'm just excited and so grateful for the Lord's blessings and help.  Things have fallen into place well.  I've got a lot of work ahead of me still.  But one thing at a time, and I still will have my husband's support from a distance.  I will take pictures when I get a chance (may not be until after the carpet is put in).


Cynthia said...

Who could that crush be? ;-) I hope everything continues to work out for you! We're excited to have you guys so close by!

Tubbs Family said...

I'll be looking forward to pictures! Its so great to find the right place! I know you'll put the love into it!

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