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Angels Everywhere

This morning began at six-thirty as usual.  My children woke up, we all got dressed, and by seven were out the door headed to the store for some much needed groceries and other items.

We went for the other items first.  Then I got distracted at the clearance racks for a while-a nagging in the back of my head ~ my kids would only last so long without any breakfast.  So we headed over to look for what we needed-and then ended with the grocery shopping.  By the time I made it up to the check-out and got everything loaded and rung up, my credit card wouldn't work.  I tried taking off a few items, thinking I'd gone over my budget a little.  After cancelling several things, and it still wouldn't work, I headed out the door with kids who were more hungry and tired than before, and without any food.

As I was driving I looked down at the clock and was surprised to find that our little shopping spree was two hours long.  It was just a few minutes till nine.  Time to go pull the old…

Our House

The house my kids will grow up in for the next four years...

When I first heard the address, it just sounded right.  We walked through to the backyard first ~and it was BIG with nothing but dirt.  I LOVE landscaping.  We're going to put in grass, maybe a firestone path, some rocks, shrubs and a couple trees.

We walked in the house and my kids took off exploring excitedly.  None of the other houses had this effect on them.  The staircase is wide, every little detail I LOVED.  It just seemed like OUR house!

The only thing is, it was pretty dirty and not well kept up.  But honestly, I'd much rather start with something that is not perfectly kept up.  When I get a chance to work on something, I'm much better at keeping up with it afterwards.

The price is AWESOME.  So no matter what we put into it, within a few months' time, we will have made up for it saving in rent (the only other options being three hundred or so dollars more a month).

Our back yard practically meets th…

My Husband

I have been up since two am.  Went to bed at seven...once I was awake, for some reason I couldn't fall back asleep.
This is the day I pick up my husband from the airport and hug and kiss him for the first time in a month and a half.  Feeling a little anxious and excited, I guess.

During my experience here at my parents' home, I have had much time to reflect and ponder upon the ways in which I've changed for the better being away from home.  Marriage can do that to a person.  It can change them for better or for worse.

Being around my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, siblings and so forth, I have seen how my heritage has molded me throughout my life.  I come from a great family full of faithful and good people.  And I married into a family with faithful and good people, and many strengths that I have been introduced to and been able to watch in wonder.

My life is full of great people-one of which, and probably most poignant to my progression is my dear husb…


I am thankful for trials which serve to: humble us, lead us to self-reflection and hopefully self improvement.

It's taken me many years to be able to take others pointing out my faults without beating myself up ruthlessly over my mistakes and weaknesses.  I think a large part of why I've changed that is because of the book Weakness is not Sin by Wendy Ulrich.  This is one of those books that seems to take a weight off for those of us who have been living with misconceptions about our own innate goodness and worth.

I think the world of all my family members, and realize with a bunch of head strong people, there is bound to be some disagreements, mis-communications, and offense.  But I wouldn't change my relatives for the world.  I'm beginning to understand that all of our head-strong traits are what leads us to be something extra-ordinary.

I love Jesus Christ.  I can repent and change for the better because of Him.  And He can show me how to use my head-strong nature to be…