Saturday, July 9

Weekend Camping Trip

I've had a most marvelous time this weekend with my biological Father's side of the family.  Him and his wife (whom I have become good friends with through facebook) have taken on the role of Grandparents in every sense of the word.  They have loved and taken care of me and my children like only true family can.  I have been struck with the realization that I have  SO much family who loves and cares for me...

Rebecca has to go home tomorrow morning.  I am a little sad this weekend must end tomorrow but will forever hold these memories dear.

I love my Savior and His Gospel without which, there would be no such thing as eternal family units.
I thank my Father in Heaven with all of my heart for giving me the parents I have, both those who raised me and those who loved me as a baby, and are related by blood.  How precious each individual soul is to Him who created us and blesses us day by day.

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