Monday, July 4


I'm not sure where to begin, we've been having what seems like party after party since arriving here.  I've finally uploaded some pictures I and others have been taking...and there are way too many cute ones to use in one blog post.  So I'll try to do one post a day to not overwhelm you all.

I suppose I'll start with the picture of all our children in the hotel bed.  The first of two we stayed in on our way here.  Daniel never takes for him to get all excited and have to take one says a lot.  Here is one of two he took.  Remembering this moment makes me miss him terribly.  Each time we video chat for scripture study, I want so badly just to be able to kiss his handsome face, or to hold his hand.  Ginnie started crying tonight after our visit with Daniel...she misses her daddy very much and a month is going to seem like an eternity to her.  I suppose it is a taste of what we will go through when he gets deployed (it's inevitable).

So here it is.  The moment my love couldn't pass up.

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