Sunday, July 3

Happy Fourth

We've had a great weekend so far.  Cousins, fireworks, games, creating.  The kids, especially Sarah, have been in paradise.  She was so entertaining to watch as she saw the fireworks in the road.  Her little cousin a few months younger than her is scared of them so it was a good thing she was sleeping then.

Tomorrow morning it's off to the Provo parade, then to Dan's sister Suzanne's for a barbeque.  So I'd better get some sleep.  But pictures and video soon to follow. :)

This is some vacation.  My thirteen-year-old sister takes care of my kids.  Gets them dressed, does their hair, feeds them breakfast, does her chores.  For me, it's a live in maid/nanny service.  So I'm trying to find little ways of letting her know how much I appreciate all her help and service.  She's been wonderful.

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