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Things I Create

If you like what I do, please contribute and let me know what you'd like for me to make!  I design and make up pretty much everything I make-so these are original.  Sewing and cutting hair are two of my biggest passions.  Please support me in this endeavor.  Here are some pictures of my creations.

Fun at Provo Mall and Aunt Kemarie's


Summer Vacation

This is more of a journal entry.
We have been here in Utah for three weeks now.
It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am welcome and loved, taken care of when I come "home". How truly wonderful my parents are.  They've got their weaknesses like I do. But I grow each year to appreciate their sacrifices and characteristics more deeply as I parent. It's not an easy thing. They are some of the strongest most stalwart people I know. And such great examples in many areas. I am learning that their family paradigm has strengths as well as weaknesses that my family paradigm does not. We are simply different. Variety is great isn't it?

Hanna, my younger sister has been an absolute angel. Taking care of my kids, getting them dressed and fed every morning, plus her other responsibilities as far as house work, tending to her dog, Lilly, and whatever else Mom might ask of her at any given moment. Her sacrifice and selflessness is impressive considering her age (13). She is q…

Weekend Camping Trip

I've had a most marvelous time this weekend with my biological Father's side of the family.  Him and his wife (whom I have become good friends with through facebook) have taken on the role of Grandparents in every sense of the word.  They have loved and taken care of me and my children like only true family can.  I have been struck with the realization that I have  SO much family who loves and cares for me...

Rebecca has to go home tomorrow morning.  I am a little sad this weekend must end tomorrow but will forever hold these memories dear.

I love my Savior and His Gospel without which, there would be no such thing as eternal family units.
I thank my Father in Heaven with all of my heart for giving me the parents I have, both those who raised me and those who loved me as a baby, and are related by blood.  How precious each individual soul is to Him who created us and blesses us day by day.

The Mall

We hang out at the mall on rainy days, and too much sun days.  Here are a few photos of our fun there.

Car Fun

Just us being our silly selves driving all sorts of places and having way too much fun.

Third of July

We did most of our celebrating on Sunday when my brother and his wife came over and brought fire works.  It was beyond fun  :)
His little girl is a few months younger than my baby and they are pretty much on the same level, same size, etc.  This was my favorite picture of the night.  He is the best Uncle and Daddy to watch.


Aunt Hanna drew faces on balloons for the kids.  That was good for about three days entertainment.  Even Lily joined in on the fun.

Hawaiian Party

My Mother had a novel idea several days ago.  She came home with grass skirts, strange animal hats, island decorations and much more.  She announced that it was party time and began hanging up all the decorations and dressing up the kids.  It was so cute to see the kids' faces light up as they pranced around in their costumes.  Even my brother who is twelve became excited.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that exciting night.