Wednesday, June 15


Hardly anyone in my family has blogs (siblings).
I know I'm not the best blogger.  But I feel like it's pointless to write sometimes because the ones I talk to most never read my blog.

Anyhow, maybe when I move and get settled, into a routine and get some order in my life, I'll start blogging regularly.  Right now, everything is crazy.  There is no order.  There is no routine.  I finally have a plan as of how to go through the house and get ready for the movers to come.  Four kids makes it pretty much impossible to keep up with the mess, unless you never get behind.  But add in sickness, a busy day, or whatever, and you're behind.  Then there's my NEED to create.  And I can't leave projects unfinished.  So I work until they're done, feeding and changing, and playing with my kids in between.  Once I'm that far behind, it becomes way too much, unless I have my husband's support at home.

He's always working, and when he's not working, he's winding down usually with his computer in front of him.  I've learned to accept my limitations when I'm handling the load alone.

But things change.
Daniel has almost made all revisions for his dissertation recommended by his advisor at this point.  Which means he's just about DONE other than defending.  I know eventually things will be back to "normal" again.  He will be on a regular work schedule and our family will finally be on a regular schedule.  The school thing still screws everything up for me.  I've had the kids home and little for so long it seems like.  So switching from dropping off, picking up kids from school to having them home all day throws me for a loop.

The only thing about moving to NM, is that Dan will most likely become top of the list for deployment.  I figure it's probably my turn since most of my friends have been through it multiple times.  I'm just glad we'll be close enough to extended family that I will be able to travel with my kids pretty easily when I need to.

I realize this post is me venting, and has no order...exactly where I'm at right now.  I've needed to get it out for a while-and I tend to close off to everyone when big changes are happening, so maybe this will help in digging myself out of this never-ending rut.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my growing children, their imaginations and cuteness, and spending quality time whenever possible with my husband.  Five days till we say goodbye to Ohio for good.

Life is good.  I am blessed.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Hang in there. I wish I was there to return the favor. I really appreciated your help. Just take one day at a time.

Christina G said...

I personally wish I would just finish a project I start! Good luck with the move and hopefully life settles down once you settle in! Life never tends to slow down (no matter if you have 0 kids or 10!) :) It's good to see the blessings while you are living them though!

Jansen Family said...

Good luck with everything Rachael! Change is exciting and challenging. I know it's a ton of work to support a husband through school...I'm sure things will relax soon! In the meantime...I'm particularly fond of treating myself to butterscotch bars on hard days! ;) Keep us updated on the move!


Melissa said...

I like reading your blog. And I hope you like ABQ. At least there is good Mexican food. (Nothing good here in Utah that I know of!)

Katie said...

Good luck with your move. I remember how happy I was when Ben finally defended his dissertation. Too bad Kentucky is probably not on your route or you'd be welcome to stay with us. :)

Our Family Happenings said...

You can do it! We all wish we were super woman, but sadly no one is. We just have to remember that is why we are here on the earth, to learn and grow. You do a great job!

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