Thursday, May 19

Welcome Guests

If you are here looking for a way to place an order, just leave a comment, or click my link to register as a customer.  Free shipping and handling always ~ and you don't pay until I deliver your order personally to you.  Your money back if you're not one hundred percent satisfied.

Thanks for visiting my blog-and let me know if you need any samples, or would like the latest brochure for Avon and I'll send some  your way!

Here are some special deals going on:

Naturals shampoos and conditioners on for 1.79 a piece
banana coconut, almond oil/avacado, cherry blossom

Temptations body sprays 5.99


3 in 1 cleanser 2.99

Moisture Therapy 5 for $12.99

Shimmering powders on for .99

tuti fruiti naturals shower gels for 1.99

Kids bubble bath and liquid color set 5 for 9.99

Bubble baths 5.99

Problem Solvers 3.99 each
-banishing cream (even's skin tone)
-replenishing cream
-firming cream

Nail polish and lip gloss 2.99 a piece

Vibes cleansing pads and vibes power cleanser-8.99

Skin so Soft set 5 for 14.99
-oil spray
-two body lotions
-two shower gels


Mega Volume collection - hairspray and root lifting spray $7
Curl Goddess complete set $10.99
-curling mist
-styling cream
-curl defining gel
Salon Straight Set $12.99
-no iron smoothing fluid
-shine spray
-anti-frizzy serum
-pre-style protector

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