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Beautiful Times

Tomorrow morning, I will go visit teach Sister Garrett probably for the last time with my girls.
Two more sundays in the Beavercreek, OH ward.
Two more weeks of school for Hyrum.
Daniel is just about finished with his dissertation so we can go on our road trip.
Life is just beautiful lately.  The sun has been shining, we're enjoying every last moment together with things just the way they are.  The kids have their own beds and rooms to sleep in, we have a fire pit and backyard to play in.  Every detail is being taken into consideration as our assignment here in OH comes to a close.

What a wonderful experience it has been for us here!  Through counseling and depression medication, I have begun a new life, started to overcome so many things that were holding me back, and making my life unbearable too much of the time.

I'm so thankful for multiple blessings, and know I am on the right path.  I know that my Father is pleased with me and my progress.

My children are wonderful. Sara…

Another Dress

Another baby shower coming up.  I decided to do something for the big sister as well who is about Ginnie's size.  So she modeled it for me, then asked if she could please keep it.  I told her I'd make one just like it for her and she could choose the colors.

Hyrum's Chick

It's been so cute listening to Hyrum's report of his chick every day.  He let me know when it was going to hatch, and was so excited about every little development.  Here is his certificate.

Welcome Guests

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Ginnie's Picture


The Dress

Ginnie has a best friend in pre-school named Mia.  Mia has a very outspoken and loud personality.  She is quite hilarious to listen to, and has been getting into some trouble lately because of it. Ginnie told me how they became friends, and constantly talks about Mia.  She's really going to miss her.
One day, for pictures, I decided to run Ginnie's new easter dress over to the school.  Mia gasped when she saw Ginnie in it.  It took her breath away and immediately, it seemed that the room transformed.  Ginnie was treated like royalty. 
Mia kept complimenting Ginnie with wide eyes, and as I was leaving, Mia whispered to me, "Do you think you could make me a dress?" Well Mia, I really hope it fits and that you like it.