Saturday, April 30

Cute Creations

I made a dress with a little matching bag for my friend's daughter  (little toddler).  I loved this flower I had on it to begin with.  But because I was working in poor lighting, when the sunlight hit it, the yellow really clashed with the off-white.  So I had to change it into this.

I also made this bag...not sure for who yet.  It includes a zipper, water bottle holder, handle pocket, and several pockets on the inside for organization.  I'm thinking a school bag for a jr. high school girl.  If anyone would like it, let me know.

My new business card is ready to go! I absolutely love creating new and original items and look forward to seeing how things go.

1 comment:

Amber said...

Very cute Rachael!!! I love your creativity. Keep it up!

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