Thursday, April 28


For me, this feels like a break through.

I have signed on as a representative for Avon ~ a company that has been improving and helping women to enjoy their most beautiful selves for over one hundred years.  They just celebrated their 125 year mark.

Somehow, this is the right thing for me at the right time.  I cannot express how wonderful it is after seven years of:
-being at home
-constantly taking care of  needs
-getting stuck in ruts often
-going through trial after trial
-too far away from extended family
-having to literally work for any support
-longing for and feeling like something was missing

being able to now, in my free time, do something for myself that rejuvinates and motivates me to keep my life organized so that I can have the energy to fulfill my responsibilities more effectively.

Can I tell you how excited I am to get out there and share these amazing and affordable products with friends and family?!  I'm afraid I'll give everyone such a discount that I won't make anything...and I wouldn't care.  Just like anything else that has helped me to feel happy and at my best, I'm thankful for this opportunity to share!

So, if you feel so inclined, click the link on my sidebar, and go look around for something that would suit your needs and make your life a little more exciting!  Be sure to register first so I have all your information.

And thanks in advance for your business :)

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