Wednesday, March 30


My mind continues to reflect on a dream I had while staying in my parent's basement three years ago, in transition between military assignments.

I was on a street with many buildings, crowds of people going their different directions.  Ot was chaotic and dismal; cloudy-and somewhat dark.  In a way, it felt claustrophobic...something I'd learned to go with while living in Los Angeles.  Everyone was focused on where they were going, not paying attention in the least to each other.  I felt invisible as I often did there but continued walking, aware that the focus ought to be on things that really mattered.

As I continued to walk, a light began to grow around me.  The whole atmosphere and mood changed around me.  There were the most beautiful green trees around, and it seemed to turn into more of a college campus.  The people began to notice me, and clear a space around (rather than practically bumping into me because of the business).  The light continued to grow and seemed to come from somewhere ahead and above me.  As they acknowledged-and seemed in awe of something that was happening to me, I quickly pointed to where the light was coming from, and mentioned our Savior...wondering if He was coming.  I insisted that their focus be on Him and not on me.  Because I knew that's where the light was coming from.

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