Sunday, February 13

More creativeness

This was a shirt I almost never wore because of how see-through it was, amongst other things, but it was extra baggy so I had plenty of room to add pleats.  Oh, and the sleeves were from this shirt down below.
I cut off most of the collar on this one.  It looked too boyish on me, so I used the sleeves for Sarah's white dress, and made a sort of over shirt for Ang, adding the elastic and flower with bow for a stylish accent.
This looks much better in person-she looks all grown up in it.   This was just a long dress/shirt I had that I added some white material and lace to the neck part and brought in considerably.

This shirt was also one of my favorites..a bit too short though for my liking (mommies can never be too careful because of all the bending, picking up, and other crazy acrobats required at a moments' notice).  It fits as a loose dress on Ang, or a little more snug long dress shirt on Ginnie.

 I know this blue shirt doesn't go with it, but I was lucky to get it on her right then to model it.

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