Monday, February 14


To end this VALENTINE's day, I'd like to say that I'm eternally grateful for men ~ for who they are, and just that they are. :)

For my sweet brothers, whom I grew up with - had so much fun playing and working with, and who are all the apple of my eye.

For my buddies and best friends in elementary school who always made me feel like one of them, accepted - and safe.

For the great examples I watched in high school from a safe distance, whom I listened to, came to love and secretly hoped that someday, they would also come to know me.

For my Uncles, whom I have always adored and who have always made me smile.

For my cousins, whom I wish I could hug every day and tell how grateful I am that they are a part of my life.

For my Grandpa's ~ happy patient and kind, and ever loyal to their wives.

For my Father-in-law, whom I love and adore more over time as I come to see how his example and who he is, truly molded much of who my husband is.

For my earthly father, who was always there to love me no matter how much I tried to push him away, and who joyed in my successes, and offered counsel and a warm, strong embrace when I was struggling.

For my Eternal Father, who has always treated me extra special like I am His little girl.

For my wonderful companion - who has seen me at my very worst countless times, and who nobly stands by my side with the utmost dedication, patience and unconditional love.  He is my hero.

For my son - who is the dream son that every mother in the world wishes for (no bias here).  Purely wonderful - and perfectly made for our family.

For all the men in the world, who desire so much - simple acceptance and appreciation from the women in their lives.  Thank you for enduring our often intolerance of differences and unnecessary drama.

So many great men in my life I could not do without, nor would I want to. 

All men everywhere, thank you for all you are ~ for all the good you do.  And for how hard you work to take care of your women and girls.

I hope to teach my sweet daughters through example and word how to revere, honor, respect, love and cherish the men in their lives.

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Ryanne said...

Beautifully said, my articulate niece! Love you!

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