Friday, February 18

Ginnie is FIVE! And Daniel is...let's just say young!

Five years ago today, I gave birth to a wopping 8lb 14oz little girl ~ born right on her due date, and named after a great woman whom my husband loved and adored. 

Happy Happy Birthday VIRGINIA!

This morning at seven thirty am, Daniel was kind enough to wake us all up so that Ginnie and him could open their gifts before he had to go to work.  He's been out of town this week, so we missed his birthday and decided to celebrate both his and Ginnie's special days together.
Angela must have thought it was everyone's birthday because nearly every other one, she'd say something like, "It says, Happy Birday Angela!  Happy birday to me!!" and then proceed to tear into a gift of her choosing.  Daddy and Ginnie were gracious and allowed Angie to help quite a bit ; for a good five minutes following, Angela sang and danced around the room, all the while grinning and beaming with excitement.  These are the moments that I feel my heart could burst with happiness!

Hyrum drew a picture of flash and wrote this note sealed in a homemade envelope for Ginnie (this a couple days ago)- and when we dropped her off at preschool, he went over and gave her one last hug.   Ginnie's teacher just melted and commented that I must be doing something right (how could I possibly take any credit?).

   Hyrum's always had a nack for taking care of the women in his life. 
Brings me back to my birthday several months ago when he woke up first thing in the morning and brought me breakfast in bed, then made me a cake, lunch, wrapped gifts, made cards with the girls - and the list goes on. He spends entire birthdays and holidays focused on what he can do to make them extra special.
So, this morning, much like any other morning, Hyrum was feeling the urge to play Super Mario Galaxy.  I watched him hesitate, and then in a disciplined and serious tone, let me know that he couldn't play video games unless it was alright with Ginnie because it was her birthday.
holding Hyrum's drawing

She's so beautiful.  It's a miracle to watch your own daughter grow and blossom in ways that you never really had a chance to as a small girl -simply because of a close and great relationship with her father (how grateful I am for my Daniel!).  With the grace and wisdom of an old woman, the energy and enthusiasm of a five-year-old, and the attitude and style of a teen, our Ginnie Ann keeps us on our toes and constantly entertained!

A peek at some of her favorites ~
miniature sized boots and purse 

 Sarah hadn't seen her Daddy for five days (the other kids saw him last night and this morning)-and when he came home from work with a headache tonight, she crawled over to him as quickly as she could to sit on his lap.  She sure is attached, as are all my girls.  I'm incredibly thankful to have such a great man in our home.  I just love him to pieces~silver hairs and all (not too many, just enough to make him look distinguished and important).  He gets more handsome as he ages!  THIRTY-SEVEN and goin strong.  Most people that I ask still think he could be in his late twenties so I'd say he's aging well.

Happy Birthday my sweet husband, and beautiful daughter!

I am taking my honey out on a surprise date tomorrow night...hopefully I'll remember to take pictures.  It's gonna be good ;)

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