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FACES - Police Sketch Studio

New Designs

I made these up as I went...

They need to be ironed, and I've fixed Ginnie's shirt bagginess since then.  But you get the idea.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

Ginnie is FIVE! And Daniel is...let's just say young!

Five years ago today, I gave birth to a wopping 8lb 14oz little girl ~ born right on her due date, and named after a great woman whom my husband loved and adored. 
Happy Happy Birthday VIRGINIA!
This morning at seven thirty am, Daniel was kind enough to wake us all up so that Ginnie and him could open their gifts before he had to go to work.  He's been out of town this week, so we missed his birthday and decided to celebrate both his and Ginnie's special days together. Angela must have thought it was everyone's birthday because nearly every other one, she'd say something like, "It says, Happy Birday Angela!  Happy birday to me!!" and then proceed to tear into a gift of her choosing.  Daddy and Ginnie were gracious and allowed Angie to help quite a bit ; for a good five minutes following, Angela sang and danced around the room, all the while grinning and beaming with excitement.  These are the moments that I feel my heart could burst with happiness!

A peek at som…


To end this VALENTINE's day, I'd like to say that I'm eternally grateful for men ~ for who they are, and just that they are. :)

For my sweet brothers, whom I grew up with - had so much fun playing and working with, and who are all the apple of my eye.
For my buddies and best friends in elementary school who always made me feel like one of them, accepted - and safe.
For the great examples I watched in high school from a safe distance, whom I listened to, came to love and secretly hoped that someday, they would also come to know me.
For my Uncles, whom I have always adored and who have always made me smile.
For my cousins, whom I wish I could hug every day and tell how grateful I am that they are a part of my life.
For my Grandpa's ~ happy patient and kind, and ever loyal to their wives.
For my Father-in-law, whom I love and adore more over time as I come to see how his example and who he is, truly molded much of who my husband is.
For my earthly father, who was always there to …

Reversible Church Bags

This is my new thing.  Getting more fancy as I get more experience.  And it's paying off!  

More creativeness


My Girls


MATERniTy ShirTs are ThE best

This was a maternity shirt.  It's not perfect, but the idea is fun, right?

More Creations

I stayed up sewing last night.  My shirt that has never fit right, and a t-shirt that was just getting worn out, I retrieved from the garage, and made into something new for my girls.  I'm finding that sometimes simple is better.  I also used some of my left over leggings (white, and too baggy) for the top half of Ginnie's shirt.