Sunday, January 23

Update for 2011

Today has been a good one.  Our family has all been fighting strep this past week, and since most of us weren't feeling our best, I decided to go with Angela to Church.  But, about a half hour before it started, I decided we'd all better go to Sacrament Meeting at least.  I had to run the library, so I had to stay.

I'm beginning to realize how short our time is here.  About five months before the kids and I head to Utah to stay with my parents while Dan gets the house all ready to sale while finishing up his PhD.

Right now he's got a paper that went through peer review, and it was not rejected, but he's been busy making revisions, and is about to re-submit it.  If it gets published, his advisor says he's golden.  So we're keeping our fingers crossed.  After that, he pretty much has the remainder of his dissertation to write, and then to defend in August.  I'm so proud to be his wife.  He works so hard for our family and is such a good husband and father.  And although this time seems to be dragging on forever (we've both been overwhelmed to say the least with our current loads), I know that soon enough, there will be big changes in our family life.  So, we'll do all we can to truly enjoy it while it lasts.

Angela is potty training herself for the most part.  Sarah is feeding herself with a spoon, and starting to stand up for a few seconds at a time on her own.  Ginnie is getting into chapter books, and Hyrum is loving his new super mario galaxy game (still the motivator for getting his school work done every day)...still obsessed with Mario.

I am enjoying working out on my wii fit plus, sewing church bags for some kids in our ward, and cutting up old clothes to make into new and look forward to my trip to my parent's house with the two little girls at the end of February.  My sister just older than me will be having a boy around that time (first grandson in nearly seven years for my parents!) so I look forward to meeting him, and to experiencing the simplicity of only two children to care for while there.

Ginnie and Hyrum will be staying with friends every day after school until Daniel picks them up.  I have to admit that I will miss them, but it's time for a break.  Recently, they've been getting into a whole lot of mischief.  So maybe me leaving for a while will help them to appreciate having Mommy around a little more.

How blessed we are to have these beautiful children to raise and to teach, and a stable income, as well as all the benefits and adventures of military life!

Next month, Ginnie turns five.  The following month, Sarah turns one.  In April, Ang turns 3, and in June, Hyrum will be seven.  Then it's goodbye to Ohio for a vacation at Grandma's, followed by a move to New Mexico!  Lots of exciting things to look forward to this year.  Oh, and not to forget my little brother and sister coming out for the summer to help me get things ready and to drive with me to Utah.  They are great workers (courtesy of my mother), and I took care of them a lot when they were really little, so I feel the same about them as I do my own.  It will be a partay!


Jansen Family said...

Strep Throat sounds like no fun. :( Hopefully, you're done. :) You guys will be busy during the next few months!! A trip to Utah will be nice...especially in the summer! Good luck getting ready.

Sassy Lewis said...

Wow, headed to New Mexico? We have a mini Beavercreek Ward down there! :) Hopefully you are starting to feel "comfortable" with 4?? I will admit, it gets better as they get older, except when your spouse deploys! BOO!! Anyway, good luck! Sounds like you have a great perspective!

Miss you!

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